Monday, October 7, 2013

Bishop Lane Retreat Center

Fall 2011 : 500 Man/Hours

Cleared underbrush and created 2-mile walking path through property woods and pond area

Built steel frame bridge for pedestrian creek crossing

Installed 800 cubic yards of mulch on path

Provided trail signage and trail maps

Fall 2013 : 30 Man/Hours

Facilitated and assisted in replacing 9000 square foot multi-use area flooring in youth retreat facility

Summer 2014 : 530 Man/Hours

Designed and installed new steel framed roof system for outdoor chapel in Stations of the Cross area

Mentored and assisted Boylan retreat crew in mulching, painting, and light construction for dormitory and retreat areas

Repaired 20 kneelers in chapel

Site clearing, clean up, spreading of 300 cubic yards of mulch in path areas

Replaced all lighting with LED and low energy fixtures and bulbs and no cost to retreat center

Out with the old-

In with the new-

Plans for final steps-

Painting and kneeler projects-