Friday, March 2, 2012

Welcome to St Joseph & Sons

Saint Joseph and Sons receives project requests thru our communications with the parishes and Diocese headquarters on a regular basis. The group selects at a minimum of 3 projects a year to coincide with the working conditions if possible. Spring and Summer projects for exterior work and a winter project for Interior work.

The projects are selected based off of the capabilities of the group to perform the work or to manage the projects in coordination with the recipient.

The project recipient is closely involved in assisting with partial funding of the project as well as requesting volunteers to help work on the project. This helps instill the sense of pride and accomplishment by working together on a common goal.

Recent past projects have included;

Remodeling of the Chapel at St. Peter’s residence so the Seminarians would have a place to worship.
Chapel in St Peters Residence
Photo taken between 1920 and 1930
Chapel in St Peters Residence
Work in progress April 2010
Chapel in St Peters Residence
Completed Chapel