Friday, October 12, 2012

St.Peter's Project Update

Our Team was made up of over 20 people per day. We had 3 Boylan students and 1 Guilford student participate. The St. Peters Parishioners took ownership and pride in the project. As other needs arise in the school you now have a strong team to accomplish the tasks. We started each day with a reflection prayer service that helped us center on our project at hand and why God has given us the strength to use our talents to assist others.

• We accomplished the removal of the carpet in four classrooms, cleaning and staining of the woodwork as well as the first floor hallway.
• Completed the cleaning and staining of the windows and handrails in the west section of the school.
• Leveled the floor in one of the rooms by removing part of the floor and installing a sheet of plywood. • Replaced all of the insulation on the hot water pipes floor to ceiling in the 4 classrooms.
• Replaced the sink cabinet and plumbing in the second grade class room.
• Updates to the 4 rooms included; computer cable rerouting, cleaning and adjustment to the windows, which should now open a little easier.
• A Window Team was brought together to take ownership of the window maintenance and repair.

 The professional carpet installers will complete the carpet installation on Sunday the 7th. Thank you for the gifts that God has given the team members.

Thank you to the ladies and staff for providing us with the snacks and lunch. Thank you to the St. Peters students, staff and others for their prayers in supporting the team. Thank you to Father Beekman for his guidance in bringing the St. Peters Team together to make a difference.

On behalf of St. Joseph and Sons, Stewards of the Carpenter, we appreciate the opportunity to be part of this project.

Click to download the PowerPoint presentation (7.8mb)
St. Peters School Carpenting & Refresh

Thursday, October 4, 2012

New Project at St.Peter Cathedral School

Hello Fellow Joes

We are preparing to start a new project at the St. Peter Cathedral School in Rockford this upcoming weekend.

The plan is to remove the existing carpet in various classrooms and prepare the floors for new carpet to be installed early next week. We're asking for volunteers to aid in removing desks & furniture, clean rooms as best we can and prepare the flooring for professionals to lay the new carpet.

Times for the project are as follows:
Friday, Oct. 5th      1 pm - 5 pm
Saturday, Oct. 6th   7 am - 5 pm

We will meet in the school parking lot to divide up into teams so we can maximize efforts on the work details.

We already have a good group of Joes confirmed for this effort including some of the newest Joes from the St. Peter's parish. Join us if you can - the more the merrier. If interested please contact Bill at

Thanks again for your support and dedication.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Project Updates

The guys went out this past weekend to finish off a couple of projects that have been in the works - Bishop Lane Retreat's Walking Path and the Cross Renovation on the grounds of the Poor Clares.

Joe led groups of five working on the walking path both Friday evening and Saturday morning with a small group staying over at the retreat house Friday night for some brotherhood and spiritual enlightenment. THANK YOU to the staff at Bishop Lane for the great breakfast and lunch on Saturday.

The teams worked to remove several stumps, cut back encroaching foliage, added trail markers as well as hand level and re-mulch the path. Joe mentioned we will need to set another date for finishing off the last 80 feet of leveling and the final 800 feet of mulching.

Tom also led a group of five working on the garden cross and corpus at the Poor Clares facility on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. The crew removed the cross and corpus to a safe location within a garage, demolished 1-1/2 yards of concrete including a section of sidewalk and then stripped the finish from the cross and cleaned the corpus.

Tom figures we will need at least one and perhaps two more work sessions to pour new concrete and install final landscaping elements including top soil, plant material, and a small stone wall at the site.

To get involved and help out on these projects contact us at Thanks for your participation and support.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Welcome to St Joseph & Sons

Saint Joseph and Sons receives project requests thru our communications with the parishes and Diocese headquarters on a regular basis. The group selects at a minimum of 3 projects a year to coincide with the working conditions if possible. Spring and Summer projects for exterior work and a winter project for Interior work.

The projects are selected based off of the capabilities of the group to perform the work or to manage the projects in coordination with the recipient.

The project recipient is closely involved in assisting with partial funding of the project as well as requesting volunteers to help work on the project. This helps instill the sense of pride and accomplishment by working together on a common goal.

Recent past projects have included;

Remodeling of the Chapel at St. Peter’s residence so the Seminarians would have a place to worship.
Chapel in St Peters Residence
Photo taken between 1920 and 1930
Chapel in St Peters Residence
Work in progress April 2010
Chapel in St Peters Residence
Completed Chapel