Tuesday, March 10, 2015

2015 Lenten Projects - Poor Clares and St. James Church of Rockford

This year we have been honored to take on two Lenten projects.

The Sisters at Poor Clare's have asked us to help update their Mary Garden and build a new trellis.

St. James Church of Rockford has the need for some plaster updates in their rectory and guest areas.

See the following posts for some progress photos and updates. More to come as we complete the projects!

2015 Lenten Project - St. James Church of Rockford

St. James Church in Rockford was in need of some updating to the paster walls in some areas of the rectory and guest areas. The Joes had fun making a mess removing areas where the plaster was cracked and we will be painting as soon as the plaster is patched in a few weeks. We also made time for spiritual reflection during our meal and shared some of the things we are learning in Lent.

The guys admiring their work

Large area over stairs had a good amount of cracked plaster to be removed

Can't be afraid of heights if you want to be a Joe

Dale is hard at work

These guys covered this whole hallway! A lot accomplished in a day

Don't let the smile fool you- this guy is all business

Final wall- 1 hour of work / 10 guys? 6 minutes of work

Community is the best part about working with the Joes

2015 Lenten Project - Poor Clares Mary Garden

The Sisters at Poor Clares in Rockford have honored us with a request to help update their Mary Garden. We have started by cutting wood to size and assembling some of the trellis and can't wait to continue this project outdoors! Here are some process photos.

Concept Drawing based on the Sister's request

1" Scale Model

Sister Christina teaching Mike Arduino how to use power tools

Work continues cutting and staining

Trellis arch construction

Mike & Mike the staining crew

Assembly continues

Sister Christina, Kyle, and Tom are happy with the progress

Sunday, March 1, 2015

March "Thought of the Month"

One must be constantly recall the necessity to grow in confidence in God, trust that prayers will be answered. Maybe not as we want but as others need it to be.

Sr. Dorothy Day