Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hey Joes—Want a T-shirt?

Let everyone know you're a Joe.We'll be easy to spot on the job site when we're all wearing our signature red t-shirt. Email us your info so we can determine how many we need to order. If you know of anyone else that wants one, just add that info to your email. You don't have to be a Joe to want to look like one!

Send your name, email address and size to us at:

Recently Completed Projects

Here's a look at some of our recent projects:

  • Nurse Room Project at Holy Family School 

It all started with Father Edward's request for a simple wall partition that turned into a more complex project—involving plumbing and the need to extend the walls to the underside of the metal decking above the suspended ceiling. This successful project was completed with many hands and some very skilled workers, coupled with Dan Burd’s excellent project management skills. With the contribution of the Home and School Volunteers who repainted new and existing walls, this truly became a community building project that the whole parish can take pride in.

Beginning to put up walls

Hanging and taping drywall

The Joes in front of the new
shelves they installed

The newly completed
ADA-accessible bathroom
  • St. Peter Carpeting and Refresh Project
The kids helped clear the room prior
to the start of the project
Dirt and old paint was removed and
fresh new stain was applied

New plumbing, sink cabinet and
carpet in second-grade classroom